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When we were out of the baby crib and were able to dream, we wished to be a doctor, an actress, an architect, a writer, and so forth. Though innocent our dreams may be, they somehow influence the decisions we make later in life. When I reached high school, I was already so sure I will take up Architecture in college. In every college applications I made, it was my primary choice of course. And what you know huh? I got qualified to take the course in no less than the country’s flagship campus located in Diliman. But as fate would interfere, the urban life in Manila would have been a crazy jungle for me. And I chose again. I took another course in a different university, and I had a great college life. Fate has its own funny ways of interference but at the end of the day, we get to choose.

One final thing that’s going to change in the office: the size of the office. At Sterling Cooper, every manager had an assistant (they called them secretaries back then). Today we have a single person employed as the administrator and doing the work of many. The office will continue to shrink over the next five years. Remote control and desktop-sharing technology let people work from home and abroad. Web sites like Guru and Elance let us find people to do ad hoc work around the world. Hosted applications let us share data wherever we are. Sterling Cooper would look a lot different today, and in five years, than it did in the early ’60s.

Would the same be true of a business owner from today hypothetically transported ahead 50 years? Try five years. Because in just that short amount of time, a lot of the technology we use now won’t be around, at least not as much. So if you’re thinking of investing in something new, you may want to consider a few technologies that are changing right before our eyes.

Ab conditioning and cardio routines can be dull or useless. It’s vital that you do the most efficient exercises when attempting to acquire a flat belly or defined stomach. Furthermore, it’s critical that ab exercises aren’t repetitively boring you. That’s because deficient motivation will prevent you from shedding excess tummy fat in the long term.

In your education section don’t forget about courses, certifications, formal trainings, achievements, and awards. But, don’t go overboard with items such as trainings that are not pertinent to the job you are seeking. This section can also help if you need some critical experience with more info, or experience in an area that you have not yet worked. You might take, for example, some night-school classes or other professionally organized training. This will at least allow you to demonstrate meaningful preparation for that type of work.

Technology is young – although we’re at the cutting edge with computers and software it’s easy to forget that it’s still very young, extremely young in fact.

Be honest. It should surprise no one that employers can and will verify key facts on your resume. It’s not that difficult for them to do. If they do find something significantly misleading or false, you could get terminated. Even if you simply over state your abilities, you will have a difficult time matching your performance with the expectations your resume has set.

One of the first things to keep in mind is that golf is an incredibly popular sport. As such, everyone sees the potential for making a profit by offering advice or products “guaranteed” to make your golf game better. That means that many of the companies are going to be offering worthless information and reference. Remember to evaluate the company as well as the golf products before you buy. Guarantees are a good sign that a company is legitimate, but be sure the guarantee is iron-clad.

Stun guns may not look like guns at all as they come in myriad shapes and sizes. They come in the shape of batons, torches, cell phones and even lipsticks. Stun guns shoot high voltage currents from 300,000 volts onwards on contact – the longer the gun is in contact with the perpetrator, the stronger its effects. However, stun guns may be illegal in some states, so check before buying.

“The camera doesn’t make a bit of difference. All of them can record what you are seeing. But, you have to SEE.” Ernst Haas, Comment in workshop, 1985.